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Professional Health & Wellness Life Coach

My Story

As the founder of TTS Life Coaching, I look forward to providing healing support using a wealth of experience and a loving depth of commitment and care through the services I offer at TTS Life Coaching to partner with you to reach your goals.


Unfortunately, I am no stranger to loss, grief or transition. Through the experience of losing my teenage daughter in a car accident and the many transitions that followed (overcoming grief, weight gain/loss, depression, etc), I developed a passion to help others through difficult times and transition to a place of healing and wellness.


I began my coaching career offering services to people transitioning through difficult situations while serving diverse populations in developing countries. I, now offer a variety of coaching services, with proven results, helping clients successfully reach their goals of growth, healing, health and wellness.


I have a Master’s degree in Human Services Counseling and a Certification in Health and Wellness Life Coaching, as well as a Certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist. I also teach Mindfulness exercises. 

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