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“I was impressed with Brenda ‘s professionalism and personalized approach. I especially loved the concept of the balance wheel and how to use it to analyze the balance in my life.

Brenda is very sweet , polite and wise, all at the same time. I loved working with her.”

Anonymous (Rochester, New York)

“Brenda has been my life coach for a few years now.  At first, I was scared and not sure what to expect when opening up and talking to someone that I just meet for the first time.  Brenda made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to just talk without feeling pressured. Brenda has helped me regain my self-confidence, create a goal to become healthier and most recently helped me with the loss of my father. Brenda is someone that is very passionate about her job and loves helping people meet their goals.”

Anonymous (Rochester, New York)


“I’m so grateful for the practical tools Brenda has given me via phone conversations while I am in Africa. It’s changed my perspective, and helped me to be healthier.”

Anonymous (Africa)

“We all have struggles from time to time, that’s just part of life. In an effort to gain perspective and guidance I decided that I needed a professional counselor. I turned to Brenda. She not only has the credentials but her prior personal struggles in life and how she was able to overcome them led me to believe that she was the right person to see. She is very intuitive, compassionate and a faithful Christian woman. She allowed me to be me without trying to sway me into conforming to someone else’s lifestyle. I thank you Brenda for opening a new door that I am no longer afraid to walk through! You’re amazing!!”

Anonymous (Texas)