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Health & Wellness

 Ideal for individuals desiring to change their eating and exercise habits to achieve a state of overall wellness, including overcoming disabilities, aging and achieving weight loss. Coaching sessions provide encouragement, motivation, education and accountability, providing you with the tools and support needed to reach your goals of desired weight, health and wellness and empowers you to maintain your new healthy lifestyle. 


Career Coaching

 Ideal for individuals desiring to transition to a new, fulfilling career. This includes resume design/writing, job seeking strategy, interviewing coaching and learning to dress for success!


Adult Grief & Loss

 Ideal for individuals who have experienced loss resulting from death of a loved one and/or pet, divorce, relationships, retirement, relocation, career, finances, or health and are ready to move beyond the pain caused from loss. 


Mindfulness techniques are taught to aid in the release of stress, anxiety attacks and depression. Through mindfulness one is able to develop mindful methods for controlling behaviors and anxiety. Mindfulness is a technique used to learn to think before responding.

Motivational Speaker

I am a passionate, encouraging, Christian woman with a desire and passion to use my life experiences and education to promote physical, spiritual and emotional health to others; helping them reach their own maximum potential. I am available to speak to small or large groups on a variety of topics.

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